Occupy ICE protesters threaten food cart into shutting down

Protesters taking part in the Occupy ICE movement in Portland have been gathering daily in front of the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement center, claiming to speak for children and their families supposedly being terrorized by ICE. However, these anti-ICE protesters have found at least one family they are okay terrorizing.

Until Friday, Scott and Julie Hakes operated a food cart across the street from the Portland ICE facilities. The food cart, called The Happy Camper, funds their nonprofit organization Operation Off The Grid, which buys food, clothing and toiletries for the homeless.

“It’s our passion due to the fact that Julie and I were both homeless in our past,” Scott told ABC Portland affiliate KATU. “We had always said that if we ever get to the point where we could give back, we would.”

While the protesters initially ignored the Hakes family, the crowd eventually turned against them.

“It started with one day that really started this all off where one of the main antagonizer over there was obviously bored, and my daughter was talking with a customer and laughing and joking,” Scott told NBC Portland affiliate KGW. “The antagonizer screams out, gets on the blow horn and starts screaming that out that my daughter is laughing at them, trying to make a mockery of them, everything that they believe in, and boom. Away it went. We were on the number one hit list from that point on.”

According to Scott, his 21-year-old daughter was threatened with violence, and the threats got worse after his daughter sold food to a Department of Homeland Security official.

“They are constantly saying they are going to hurt her. They’re constantly cussing at her and screaming at her,” Scott Hakes told Portland ABC-affiliate station KATU. “She finally had enough. She called me up on the phone, crying. I said ‘Breanna, shut the doors, we’re done.’”

The Hakes ceased operations and put the food cart up for sale over the weekend.

This is not the first time anti-ICE protesters have caused problems. Last month, riots caused the Portland facility to shut down for a few days. These protesters had to be removed by federal agents in riot gear.

Earlier this month, members of Antifa assaulted members of Patriot Prayer, throwing projectiles which caused injuries. Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson told CBS Portland affiliate KOIN that his group marched primarily to defend free speech. He complained that the police stood by while Antifa attacked his group. Scott Hakes made a similar complaint before closing his food cart.

Portland’s radicalism may cause the city to decline in the same manner San Francisco has. These events show Portland’s radicals are hostile to the rule of law and to small businesses.


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